MEDICINE – Some patients claim reimbursement for an innovative treatment

“It’s like a storm that comes to devastate life,” says Joana Thibeault. This cataclysm is the migraine. From a few tough days each month, Joana suddenly went into seizures every other day. It was in 2016, following a tooth operation and drug misuse.

Since then, the young woman has had to review all these plans, fight against isolation, ignorance of the medical profession. For this, she was able to rely on the association La Voix des migraineux, which will organize the first Francophone migraine summit on Saturday, sponsored by the Ministry of Health.

“Illness has thrown away all my activities”

The opportunity to hear a daily life upset by migraine, a term used wrongly and through and rarely considered as a disabling disease. “The crises are very trying, because of a pain often compared to a childbirth without epidural, illustrates Sabine Debremaeker, president of the association. But also because it is associated with an intolerance to noise, to light. What contains (…) Read more on 20minutes

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