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The geographer Christophe Guilluy. Jean-Luc Bertini for Figaro Magazine

FIGAROVOX/MAINTENANCE – For the geographer, the pension reform and the opposition it provokes are only a pale reflection of the much deeper malaise that haunts French society. That of the existential anguish of an ordinary majority which seeks, without finding it, an elite which could represent it.

A geographer, Christophe Guilluy notably published in 2022 The Dispossesseds (Flammarion).

FIGAROVOX. – The pension reform restores a social choreography which corresponds to what we have known for 30 years on this subject. In the symbolic and political charge given to this reform, do you find the concerns of the working classes on which you have been working for years?

Christophe GUILLUY. – As in the film by Patrice Lecomte (the grand dukes) the old comedians are back: the reforming government, the unions demonstrating and the media teaching. The show actually has an air of deja vu and above all it is played by actors (politicians, trade unions, media) who today only arouse mistrust.

As usual, this umpteenth reform provokes umpteenth rejection as shown by the strong mobilization, particularly in the small and medium-sized towns of peripheral France. Why ? It’s less than…

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