Christof Gramm: The MAD problem (

Generals plan their action on the defensive and offensive. The Defense Minister apparently does the same. After she decided on the offensive and took over the combat plans of her predecessor, she can no longer turn back without losses. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer named right-wing extremism in the Bundeswehr as a structural problem and now has to adapt her approach to this finding. The dissolution of a company from the Special Forces Command showed that she was serious about this. What Kramp-Karrenbauer cannot do without, therefore, are determined, devoted loyalists if necessary. Christof Gramm does not seem to have been such.

The MAD boss was charged with clearing up right-wing extremism as a structural problem. In his time there were more publicity gestures than in previous ones. But gestures are not enough. Statistics on right-wing extremist incidents in the Bundeswehr that Gramm introduced do not yet replace the fight against the causes of such incidents. And Gramm also nourished the version of the right-wing extremist individual cases, the exceptions that only confirm the rule of a blooming vest for the Bundeswehr. What he gleaned from his attempts to explain, not only suggests a lack of determination against right-wing structures, but also the suspicion of parallel views or even structures in the military counterintelligence service itself , remains to be seen.


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