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The City of Vienna announced the CoV rules for the Christmas markets on Wednesday. You need a 2.5 G certificate to visit and there will be admission controls. Instead of barriers, however, concepts with armbands are also possible.

In any case, the Vienna Christmas markets will take place, the office of City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) told “Vienna today”. Due to the stable epidemiological situation in Vienna, this could already be announced now. A “2-G rule”, ie access only for vaccinated and convalescent people, and a mask requirement are not necessary from the current point of view, “but depending on the situation, of course, conceivable”, is explained.

Passers-by do not need any proof

Similar rules apply to the Christmas markets as to events, for example a prevention concept and admission controls are required. However, there are several options for implementing admission controls. On the one hand, the entire Christmas market can be fenced in – with a check of the “2.5 G rule” at the entrance.

Alternatively – without a fence – wristbands can be distributed, as is usual at large events. For shopping and drinking punch at the stands, you then have to show the bracelet. People who are only passers-by are allowed to walk around the market without a bracelet. It would also be possible to use closed-off consumption zones at the Christmas markets, where access is only possible with a 2.5 G certificate. Bracelets could also be used here.

A uniform concept is to be developed

The city is currently coordinating with the operators of the Christmas markets in order to develop a uniform prevention concept that will serve as the basis for all Christmas markets, according to the Hacker-Büro. With the solution with bracelets like at events, coordination between the markets would definitely make sense, it said. However, the city generally expects that there may be different implementation concepts due to the different structure of the Vienna Christmas markets.

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