Christine Strobl: Curse and Blessing (

It is clumsy and unfair to reduce women to their role as wives and daughters. With Christine Strobl this would only be possible with great contortions – because her career is too impressive for that. As it became known this week, the 49-year-old will be the new ARD program director in May 2021.

Your family is still an issue. Because Strobl, himself a CDU member, is the daughter of Wolfgang Schäuble and wife of the Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU). The obvious question is whether and how your political home will influence your future task. She herself described her political stance as something personal: “She has no place in the job,” Strobl said, according to “Zapp”, the NDR media magazine, at the ARD press conference.

In an interview with Die Zeit in 2012, she described growing up as a politician’s daughter as a “curse and a blessing at the same time”. You have seen contemporary history and met interesting people. “But it also hurts. You shouldn’t underestimate that. ”At that time she had just become managing director of Degeto, through which ARD purchases fictional program content and has films produced. The company is largely responsible for what goes on in the first. Strobl initiated some changes at the Degeto. For example, she made a significant contribution to the fact that the ratings hit »Babylon Berlin« could be realized through a cooperation with the pay station Sky, according to ARD.

As program director, she succeeds Volker Herres, who is leaving the post early. Strobl will be responsible for the program of the first as well as the ARD media library and will chair the newly commissioned video program conference. Your area will be the broad framework of the program – especially when it comes to fictional content. ARD has its own editor-in-chief for journalism. As »Zapp« reports, Strobl has so far avoided journalistic formats – and instead relaunched the »Tigerenten Club« in SWR, for example.


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