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Christian Nodal, famous regional Mexican singer, is once again involved in controversy. And it is that it was just revealed that Belinda’s ex-boyfriend he had promised to give a million pesos to a woman who asked for help for her mother, who needs – from 2021 – three surgeries, because he has a brain tumor. However, she never complied and even blocked her.

It was through an interview with the program First hand where the young woman -Brenda Acuña- recounted how Nodal made her a promise and did not keep it.

According to the testimony, Brenda Acuña asked for help on social networks to be able to pay for her mother’s surgeries, who suffers from a brain tumor. One of those who contacted her was Christian Nodal, who promised to give him a million pesos.

However, after Nodal informed the young woman that he would give her 350 thousand pesos through a friend named Rulo, a person who never contacted her. Well, days before she had gotten engaged to Belinda.

According to the young woman, the money from the donation never came. They even blocked her from the famous social networks.


Despite everything that has happened, Brenda and her mother Rosalinda send blessings to the famous:

“I kept writing to him by direct message on Twitter, I sent him photos of how my mother was doing, my mother suddenly sent him a video thanking him very much, and there came a point when I realized that he blocked us,” Brenda said. Acuna.

“I thank him for turning to see us and it is not demanding of him either. I have always said that you give what you are and what you have in your heart. He turned to see us, for some reason he did not do it, ”said Doña Rosalinda.


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