Christian Nodal gets a new tattoo on his face; means protection

Christian Nodal gets a new tattoo on his face; means protection. Photo: AFP

Christian Nodal does not hide the taste he has for tattoos and now the singer one more was made, again the face, after erasing the last one that was made in honor of Belinda, and that she wore on her forehead; however, attention was drawn to meaning new touch of the representative of the mariacheño.

What does Nodal’s latest tattoo mean?

In accordance with Mina Barnett, a woman who made a first design for Belinda’s ex-fiancé, whom she accused of asking her for money, the lines on her face, the height of nasal septumrepresent the protection.

The original design of Sonorafirst it was done only with paint, as has been shared in social networkswhere you can see the process you did Mina Barnett, from Comcáac ethnic group.

“The face paint he wears means protection for the warriors. The interpretation I gave him when making this design was to wish him well for all the projects in his life”.

My Barnett

Although it was such a pleasure that he felt Christian Nodal for the design made by the woman and the protection meaning that it represents, that the interpreter of “Probably” did not hesitate to translate it into the skin of permanent way.

And through his Instagram stories he broke the news that the design made by the woman from the comcáac ethnic groupand which means protection, will take you from permanently on the skin.

The images were taken up by several accounts of social networkswhere they even stated that the singer is “affected” after the breakup with Belinda, to whom he gave an expensive engagement ring.

After the new tattoo of Christian Nodal, whom Belinda’s mother does not want to see even in painting, several netizens considered that the famouswho surprised with a radical change of look, has fallen into a excess in the theme of the tattoos, so that They asked him to stop now.

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