Christian Lindner warns: Germany faces “five years of shortages” | money

Federal Minister of Finance and FDP party leader Christian Lindner (43) warns of a serious economic crisis because of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine!

“There is a risk of a very serious economic crisis due to the sharp rise in energy prices, due to supply chain problems, due to inflation,” he said on Tuesday evening in ZDF’s “heute journal”.

Crisis plain text from Lindner: “My concern is that we could have a very worrying situation in a few weeks and months.”

And further: “In this situation we must not be picky. It’s about three to four, maybe five years of shortages and we have to find an answer for that.” It is therefore necessary to talk about all possibilities, including extended operating times for the three nuclear power plants in Germany that are still operational.

There should be “no taboos when it comes to controlling price developments for people”.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) warned of serious economic consequences as early as Tuesday afternoon:

“The gas problem can get worse than the corona pandemic! That is not yet clear to many,” he said in an energetic speech at “Industry Day” (TDI) in Berlin.

After all, if supplies break down abruptly, there is a risk of a severe recession because many industrial processes will not work without sufficient quantities of gas. And it is also clear: “The attack is carried out with energy as a weapon”. This strategy should not be successful.

FDP for examining the further operation of the nuclear power plant

Because of the throttled gas supplies from Russia, the FDP is calling for the continued operation of the three German nuclear power plants still in operation to be examined.

But the traffic light coalition partners SPD and Greens see no reason for this, they want to stick to the nuclear phase-out schedule (December 31, 2022).

In the traffic light coalition there is currently “no agreement” on this question, but no dispute, said the FDP leader. “In any case, I’m not satisfied that we are extending the climate-damaging coal, but not even considering the possibilities of nuclear energy,” he said.

With regard to the lack of Russian gas supplies, Lindner emphasized that Russia’s ruler, President Vladimir Putin (69), “does not control us, we are the designers of our destiny”.



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