Christian Lindner flies his sexist slogan around the ears – that’s a good thing

Christian Lindner gets a shit storm for a sexist slogan. This shows that we are further on the subject of sexism than a few years ago.

Christian Lindner has a sexist line about his ex-general secretary Linda Teuteberg made at the FDP party congress. But he has been experiencing a shit storm for days. It’s one of the few shit storms that mark social progress.

Because that Lindner receives so much criticism for his sentences is not a matter of course. Most powerful men who have “joked” women down in their lives have got away with it. They were often even rewarded with laughter. The fact that Lindner can no longer get away with it today is also a consequence of #Aufschrei and #Metoo.

When I published a portrait in “Stern” in 2013 in which I addressed the sexist slogans of the then FDP top candidate Rainer Brüderle about my breasts, among other things, I was criticized by a lot of people. That was meant funny, a flirt, I shouldn’t be in a queue. The talk shows asked the question: “Is there sexism in Germany at all?”

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Christian Lindner’s sexism is no longer accepted today

Today – with the exception of internet trolls and AfD politicians – there is broad consensus that we live in a sexist society. It is to the merit of the tens of thousands of women who shared their anger and hurts under the outcry and the numerous women who took threats and lawsuits to expose abuse of power and sexual violence in the wake of the #Metoo movement.

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Lindner’s sexist joke wasn’t a one-off slip

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Christian Lindner has now also realized that it is not funny to publicly play with the idea that one would share a bed with a party friend. After trying to talk his way out with an unbelievable excuse, he has now apologized half-heartedly.

We are further than a few years ago. When a highly intelligent 41-year-old party leader who has already witnessed a sexism debate in his own party still does not understand in 2020 where the limits of decency lie; if numerous top officials are still laughing about it, then we are still not far enough.

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