Christian Bale doesn’t know he entered the MCU with Thor 4: “What the f ** did I do?”

The Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale had no idea he entered the ever-evolving saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor Love & Thundernew Marvel Studios film starring Chris Hemsworth in which the star plays the villain Gorr the butcher of the gods.

When, in a recent promotional interview with Total Film, he was asked if he had any reservations about having to interpret another cartoon character after his saga as Batman for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, Bale replied, “Absolutely not, no. It didn’t even cross my mind. But I read the reaction from fans: they said, ‘Oh , look at this, Christian Bale has joined the MCU! ‘And I thought: “What the fuck would I have done? I didn’t go into anything, thank you very much. I was wondering what this acronym was. MCU. I had to ask what it was“.

In the same interview, Christian Bale also revealed that Thor Love & Thunder was about to have something in common with Stranger Things 4, as director Taika Waititi had considered putting a dance sequence with the music of Kate Bushpopular again in recent weeks with the song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God”) “which appeared in the soundtrack of Stranger Things 4.

Thor Love & Thunder will be released in Italy from 6 July.



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