Chris Hemsworth teases Liam about his lack of form


The interpreter of Thor wished a happy 32nd birthday to his brother by denigrating his physique in all respects perfect.

Between brothers, we love each other (a lot), we make jokes (often) and we tease each other (sometimes). It is this last option that the Australian Chris Hemsworth chose to wish a happy birthday to Liam, who blows 32 candles on January 13, 2022. The unforgettable interpreter of Thor, who would have caused harm to the city of Byron Bay in Australia while settling there, posted three photos of his little brother on Instagram.

On the first, we discover Liam shirtless, bulging muscles, visibly in training in a gym. “Happy birthday Liam. I hope this is the year you finally get back in shape and take care of yourself,” joked Chris, 38, in the caption. To drive the point home and to “help his transformation”, the actor added that he could offer him a “family discount” of 10% on the fitness app he launched. On the second snapshot published by Chris, we discover Liam, still shirtless, during his birthday surrounded by balloons, gifts, flowers and a cake. The third and final image will have fans melting. We see Liam still a baby with a drop of drool running down his chin.


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