Choquehuanca is vaccinated in the middle of an incense; calls for protection with traditional and pharmacological medicine, and admits that he took chlorine dioxide

At 07:25 on this Monday, January 3, Vice President David Choquehuanca received his first dose against Covid-19, after several days of being the center of media pressure. There was a small ancestral ritual, by means of an incense, in the Plaza Bolivia in the city of La Paz, where the immunization brigades are deployed.

The minister of health, Jeyson Auza, was in charge of supplying the injectable, Sinopharm, of Chinese origin, which is considered the compound that causes the fewest after-effects in people.

“I want to say at this time that we have to protect our people with two medicines, pharmacological and natural, ancestral and traditional, with the two medicines we have to protect, take care of the health of our people”, Recommended Choquehuanca.

Last week he even stated that he ate grass to cure himself of Covid-19 And this day revealed that he took chlorine dioxide to overcome the evil, the first of the two occasions that he was infected, in mid-2020.

Timing of vaccination:

“I have acquired the coronavirus in mid-2020, I have taken chlorine dioxide, I have fought with traditional medicine, the second time I have also overcome with traditional medicine. I call on the population to protect itself with both pharmacological medicine and traditional medicine ”, he stressed.

Different sections, even from the MAS, they questioned that Choquehuanca had not been vaccinated, especially when the card is a requirement to enter public and private institutions and to carry out other activities. The national government justified that the vice president trusts natural medicine.

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“They have done an incense, the doctor is very good, I hardly felt, when he told me that we were done, I have received the Sinopharm vaccine, we have to take care of ourselves with the two medicines and comply with the norms established by both, ”added Choquehuanca.



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