1 | 25/07/2020 – 7:03pm (GMT-4)

The Cuban reggaeton Chocolate MC has again asked that the exponents of the Cuban urban genre take the death of The Damage as a teaching and a sign that it is time to put down the quarrels and the confrontation.

The King of the Deliverymen shared this Saturday a photo from the old days, when several of the most important exponents of the genre today began their careers and were united.

In the image appear The Jackal, Jakarta, Yomil, The Damage and Chocolate, who also stressed that only with unity will the Cuban urban genre achieve international strength.

“Gender Union, by Elvis and by Dany. How many more good guys have to go for us to put our ego aside? Without hypocrisy or anything, the only way to make ourselves respected in the industry worldwide is by aligning ourselves, “wrote the cast leader.

Other exponents of the urban genre of the island reacted to Chocolate’s words:

“From my beginnings, that has been my dream, hopefully and one day, believe me, I will be the happiest man in the world,” wrote Micha.

“Wise words, let the actions speak to silence a little the bad vibes about our gender, it is a beautiful genre, created by the lungs, the only ones who can save that are ourselves, that is why it counts on me and everyone as well”, expressed Yulién Oviedo.

“Bigger words,” Alex Duvall commented, as Harryson added an “amen.” Singers Diana Fuentes and Miss Dayana also supported Chocolate’s message with emoticons.

Despite the long-standing differences between Chocolate and Yomil and El Dany, the interpreter of Bajanda He was among the first to show his condolences for the death of the 31-year-old reggaeton player and since then he has been asking to stop the enmity between all the exponents.

“With this happened I am having a lesson and I think it is time for many people to mature, starting with me and ending with a few more. We must leave the ego aside, I do not want any more war with anyone”, said in the program of Adrián Fernández.

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