Philadelphia puts Milka chocolate in her cheese. After the garlic and herbs recipe, the fresh cheese brand is releasing a sweet version, for gourmets. And to compete with Nutella.

What is that ? This is a specialty made from fresh cheese (52%) with 20% Milka chocolate. For those who pay attention to their figure, this “cream” is rather light and less caloric than the Italian enemy: 100 grams Philadelphia is 300 calories, against 530 per 100 grams of Nutella. But the big difference is how you sell it. Philadelphia is above all a fresh product. So if you can’t help but put Nutella in the fridge, here is the alternative. In the end, Philadelphia may defend itself against it, its association with Milka really looks like a competitor to Nutella.

How to use it ? Like a spread, with a piece of bread or brioche, or a pancake … any time of the day. And even more, because Philadelphia can be used as a cooking ingredient. Making a chocolate cheese cake has never been so easy.

Side taste, what does it give? With its shiny appearance, Philadelphia is very easy to spread. If we compare it to Nutella, the taste seems more milky, close to condensed milk, very chocolatey and without nuts. The texture is a smooth, fresh cream (logical, since it keeps cool), but do not engulf the entire tray, you will be sickened before the end. Unless you’re a sugar freak.

Does it have a chance to replace Nutella? Let’s be honest, no. Two of Kraft Food’s flagship brands will not be too many to dethrone the Italian. Nutella has dominated the market for years: 105 million jars sold per year and a place in three quarters of French households. The other brands, mainly distributors, share a small 16% of the market. Philadelphia Milka may be able to get a little out of this great game thanks to its culinary vocation. And its ambitions are more modest: Kraft expects 3 million trays sold in France for the year 2013.