Chivas de Guadalaja and the Mexican team sigh for Javier Hernandez. The Mexican forward has been the desire of the Flock since he returned from his adventure in Europe to settle in the MLS, and in each transfer market rumors are triggered about his possible return with the rojiblancos in an attempt to repatriate him.


His passage through the LA Galaxy It has not been the dreamed of, hence its market price has been in free fall in recent years. From the offices of the Akron have always looked askance at the value with which it is traded ChicharitoTherefore, in the next transfer window, there would be one of the last chances that the gunner would wear Chivas’ colors again.

According to the Transfermarkt portal, specialized in measuring the value of footballers, Chicharito has a cost of just two million dollars, figures similar to its value at the time the Manchester United He signed him in 2010, who ended up paying triple that cost to the Herd’s coffers. This only makes us think that Chivas could make an attempt to get hold of the player.

Javier Hernández still dreams of returning to TRI (Imago 7)

However, the LA Galaxy won’t make it easy. Knowing that Hernández continues to have a large market, and what he represents as an “institution” player, the Americans have closed in on a possible sale. “The value of a player or putting a price on it is when you have an interest in selling it, here there is not. The value goes down when there is no interest in it. There is interest in it.”, Dennis Te Kloese, a manager who was asked about Chicharito’s status, told Pasión W.

With the future of Míchel Leaño in the air, and a possible restructuring of Chivas for the next tournaments, the return of Javier Hernández seems like one of the main bases to create enthusiasm for a new project. From there, Chicharito begins -again- to be related to the club from its beginnings to months of a new transfer market.


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