China Suárez released a song about Wandagate and Wanda Nara reacted with a striking photo

Wanda Nara and Eugenia “la China” Suarez They were two of the most mentioned names in 2021 after the businesswoman accused the actress of having destroyed her family by getting involved with her partner, Mauro Icardi. That controversial statement was followed by months of hints through the networks, leaking of private chats and harsh downloads in their respective Instagram accounts. Almost a year after the scandal broke, the ex Almost angels He premiered his first solo song where he refers to everything he suffered at the time and, in response, Nara published a striking photo.

China Suárez premiered the video clip of her song “What they say about me” (Photo: Instagram @sangrejaponesa)

Since she took her first steps in the world of entertainment, China Suárez has starred in several scandals, but few have had as much impact as the so-called Wandagate. After Wanda dropped the bomb where accused her of getting involved with Icardi, the public eye was fixed on the actress and each of her steps became the subject of debate. Despite the fact that many publicly supported her, that day a shower of negative comments was unleashed that continues to this day.

As a way to process all the pain that this caused him, he decided to channel it through art and wrote a song. “What it says about me”, her first solo work, is a clear description of how much the criticism affected her. “I wrote it in the middle of a fit. I was having a very bad day because I don’t know what they were saying, I don’t remember, I was sad, that’s where this song was born, “she said minutes after it was available to the public.

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“At another time I would not even have talked about this, I had it very covered and hidden. I didn’t even want to illuminate the problem. But, I accepted it and I already know that it is part of my life and that it is there, ”she maintained. Hours later, in an interview with Matthias Martin during Everything happens (Urbana Play), admitted: “I know I’m controversialsince I was a girl. I have a personality and a freedom that annoyplus other mistakes I made like everyone else”.

Wanda Nara shared several photos of her days with Zaira
Wanda Nara shared several photos of her days with Zaira instagram @wanda_nara

Her work was received with great joy from her fans and managed to move some of those who had criticized her so harshly but, in turn, caused everyone to pay special attention to Wanda Nara’s reaction. She, who is an expert in the use of social networks, decided to send an important message through your posts.

In the last days, wallpapered Instagram with a series of photos of his impressive walks with Zaira Nara, who traveled to Europe to see her. “With my little sister”, she wrote as a description of one of the multiple postcards that she uploaded during the week.

Bizarrap with Wanda Nara
Bizarrap with Wanda Narainstagram @wanda_nara
Wanda and Zaira Nara posed with Bizarrap after going to see him at Lollapallooza in France
Wanda and Zaira Nara posed with Bizarrap after going to see him at Lollapallooza in Franceinstagram @wanda_nara
Wanda y Zaira Nara
Wanda y Zaira Narainstagram @wanda_nara

Once together, they celebrated a French holiday in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Paris, they traveled to Ibiza to enjoy the warm Spanish beach and They even went to Lollapallooza in France to see Bizarrap play, with whom they later took multiple photos. Thus, his reaction was more than clear: he could not care less about what the song says, or at least that is what his followers see.

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