China Suárez made a drastic decision and told it in an interview

After admitting that he was having a difficult time and in the midst of the rumors of a crisis with Armando Mena Navareño, China Suarez she opened her heart and talked about the possibility of becoming a mother again in the future.

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The actress was asked in the middle of an interview if she planned to have any more children in her future, either with Armando Mena Navareño, or with any other possible couple.

“I don’t plan to have more children, I’m fine like this. I like to be and share with them, I dedicate all my free time to it,” China said in dialogue with Hello! Argentina.

China Suárez dedicated a strong message to the haters

China Suárez is facing all opinions about her, after Wandagate and in the midst of her alleged affair with Rodrigo de Paul. For this reason, the actress shared a video of a study that was carried out among celebrities and haters and left a strong message for people who make negative comments on the networks.

“Look at the admiring face of each hater when the hated one appears,” the actress began by saying about the video she shared through her Instagram stories. After seeing it in its entirety, the actress reflected on the haters and left a harsh message for them. “This is confirmation that behind so much ‘hate’ there is a great love,” revealed the actress.

A few days ago, the actress revealed that she regrets many things she did in her life. “If you look back, is there anything you regret?” They asked China Suarez. Without mentioning any specific event, Suárez replied: “I think we all have things that we regret, but they are also teachings, and we have to take them that way, as learning,” she assured in a heads-up with the magazine! Hello!.



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