China shuts down a website for criticizing the government’s stance in favor of traditional medicine to deal with covid-19

China close a web page for criticism of the government’s position, in favor of the use of traditional medicine to deal with covid-19. The authorities indicate that the suspension is due to a “regulation violation“, and it is estimated that the closure will last a month.

Dingxiang Yuan, a health platform, was approved by the authorities and you will not be able to distribute articles through social networksaccording to sources close to the case disclosed to the newspaper ‘Nikkei Asia’.

The site was used to expose ‘fake news’ and discredit information about it possible treatments for coronavirus and other respiratory diseases.

When around 25 million people in Shanghai were under lockdown last April, the platform published articles warning against the use of natural treatments: “Don’t take your medication if you’re not sick”he pointed.

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