China has added cryptocurrency mining to the tentative list of industries in which investment is limited or prohibited, according to Reuters, although it has cut the number of sectors on the list overall, according to a document released by the government planner on Friday Oct.8.

The “negative list” includes sectors and industries that are inaccessible to both Chinese and foreign investors.

Regulators in China have banned cryptocurrency trading and mining this year, and the country’s central bank pledged to crack down on “illegal” cryptocurrency activity last month. The crackdown prompted cryptocurrency exchanges to sever ties with Chinese users.

China is also tightening its grip on public discourse, suppressing showbiz for polluting society and pressing mobile browsers to stop rumors, sensational headlines and content that violates the core values ​​of socialism.

The state planner said he would stop investing “non-public” capital in a variety of publishing activities, including live broadcasting, news gathering, editing and broadcasting, and news management.

The NDRC added that non-state capital should not be involved in the presentation of news published by foreign organizations or summits and in the selection of news and public opinion awards.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the draft list of industries for 2021 in which investment is limited or prohibited has been reduced to 117, down from 123 in 2020.

Industries not included in the list are open to investment for everyone without any approval.

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