23 November 2021, 15:14

China is able to “swat Lithuania like a fly” and should not pay close attention to it. Writes about it Global Times against the backdrop of the opening of a representative office of Taiwan in Vilnius.

“Lithuania is just a clown portraying courage and loyalty. Undoubtedly, China will cause serious damage to it, but we should not concentrate on fighting such a small state … ”- reads the article.

According to the authors of the material, China should devote more time to the forces behind Lithuania – the EU and the United States.

“Beijing can calmly decide how to punish Vilnius. This should make Lithuania feel hurt and demonstrate China’s status as a great power. However, this should not jeopardize our interests and strategy in the international arena as a whole, ”the article emphasizes.

Formerly China lowered the level diplomatic relations with Lithuania. This came after Taiwan opened a de facto embassy in Vilnius, a diplomatic breakthrough for the island. Beijing opposed the opening of a Taiwanese office, since it considers the island an integral part of the PRC.

China has not controlled Taiwan since 1949, when nationalists from the Kuomintang party fled there as a result of losing the civil war. At the same time, the principle of “one China” implies the recognition of a single Chinese state – and according to it, official relations can be established either with the PRC or with Taiwan.

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