Chile trembled ten times in an hour: they fear that the “Pacific Ring of Fire” has been activated

Chile recorded early this Friday diez earthquakes mild within an hour. The tremors that occurred in the Ñuble region, some 400 kilometers south of Santiago, had an intensity of between between 2.3° and 3.8° of magnitude and turned on the alarms for a possible activation of the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire”.

Every time the region suffers a continuous series of telluric movements, the scientific community warns about the feared phenomenon that covers all the oceanic coasts of the Pacific in three continents: America, Asia and Oceania.

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The Geoscientific Network of Chile reported that although there were no reports of significant damagethe movements registered between 4 and 5 in the morning on Friday were felt, in a very slight way, also in some areas of Argentina.

In the trans-Andean country, the tremors of this series were noticed in front of the Cobquecura area, in the trans-Andean region of Ñuble, about 400 kilometers south of Santiago and at the height of the northern part of the Argentine province of Neuquén.

The movements set off the alarms of the scientific community since the region is within the dangerous Pacific Ring of Firearea that concentrates 80% of the strongest earthquakes in the world.

Zone of influence of the Ring of Fire. (Photo: AFP)

In dialogue with TN TecnoNicolás Townsend, a journalist from Chile’s TiempoX, clarified that the tremors that occurred were very light and were not felt in the metropolitan region of Santiago, nor on the coast of Viña del Mar/Valparaíso: “This type of earthquake of very low intensity is they only register in the measuring instruments but they do not reach the perception of the people, nor do they cause material damage”.

According to the experts, for one to think of a ring of fire activation more larger-scale tremors should be recorded. In any case, the scientists were attentive to possible new telluric movements.

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What is the “Pacific Belt or Ring of Fire”

The Pacific Ring of Firealso known as the Fire beltis a large area in horseshoe shape covering more than 40,000 kilometers along the Pacific Ocean coasts in America, Asia and Oceania. The particularity of this region lies in the fact that it concentrates the largest sinking of plates, which accumulate enormous tensions that are released in the form of earthquakes and intense volcanic activity.

The area encompassed by the dangerous Ring of Fire has around 452 volcanoes with the 75% of active and inactive volcanoes of the world and contains some of the main plates of the Earth, such as the Pacific platethe South American platethe Nazca Platethe North American platethe philippines license plate and the Australian license plate.

All these features make most of the strongest earthquakes on the planet occur in the area of Pacific Ring of Fire.



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