Children’s tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Kids Edition


Almost no one creates separate devices specifically for children, but Samsung has added a child mode for all of its smartphones and tablets, a shell for the little ones, in which parents can control the time of using the device, allow access to certain programs. And, of course, for the little ones, a whole set of programs is added in which you can draw, sing, play. Plus specially selected apps for children, a protected web browsing mode with filtering of children’s content. This is a convenient shell that can definitely be recommended for use for preschool children.

One of the products that are annually released on New Year’s Eve is the children’s version of one or another budget tablet from Samsung. The choice of a budget tablet is due to the fact that the company wants to make the cost of such a children’s kit minimal. And for the smallest, the speed of work fades into the background, children do not type texts, but simply play or watch cartoons – such budget models cope with such tasks with a bang. Adults often forget that their approach to devices is based on their own experience, previous models, but little users do not have such experience. Of course, I would like to be able to buy something very fast for three kopecks, but miracles do not happen in the world.

A large colorful box that contains a prefabricated structure – a protective case for the tablet, stickers, as well as a box with the tablet itself. And this is the first important point – we have before us a regular serial tablet Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.

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Children will like stickers, they are always liked by preschool children, and such a children’s tablet is aimed at them.

The key feature is the protective case, which also protects the tablet from shocks. You know very well that practically everything burns in children’s hands. But this tablet in a case is protected from impacts, you can drop and beat it in almost any way, most likely, nothing will happen to it. The soft case is nice and very thick.



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