Children’s rights not in the Basic Law: disappointment and many reproaches

As of: June 8th, 2021 at 5:40 p.m.

It has been discussed for years, even during the pandemic, the topic boiled up: Children’s rights should be anchored in the Basic Law. Now the project has failed again – and blame is hailing.

From Kai Küstner,
ARD capital studio

The coalition agreement between the Union and the SPD contained a promise: “We will expressly anchor children’s rights in the Basic Law.” This is what it says on page 21 of the grand coalition’s program decided in spring 2018. It is now clear: the governing parties have not been able to keep this promise.

Kai Küstner
ARD capital studio

“As Federal Justice and Family Minister – but also very personally – I am deeply disappointed that the anchoring of children’s rights in the Basic Law has failed for this legislative period. Because both the Union and the opposition lacked the will to reach an agreement,” said Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht from the SPD.

Critique from Brinkhaus

Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus immediately played back the accusation raised by the Social Democrat. He blamed Lambrecht for wanting to subsequently sharpen the agreement reached in the cabinet: “We also have the feeling that she has sometimes played about the gang. That she is trying to reach through the opposition, which she does not in the cabinet But we will continue to make suggestions. And we are optimistic that we may get through that with someone else in the next legislative period. ”

However, Brinkhaus sounded much less optimistic than CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt, who can still imagine further deliberations and a solution before the general election.

Children’s rights are not anchored in the Basic Law

Kristin Becker, ARD Berlin, daily news 8:00 p.m., 8/8/2021

Greens speak of “indictment”

The grand coalition would have needed an agreement not only with itself but also with the opposition to anchor children’s rights in the Basic Law. Because a two-thirds majority would have been necessary in the Bundestag and Bundesrat.

“That is an indictment for the coalition. It is an indictment especially for the Union,” said the group leader of the Greens, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, after the failed agreement. And left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch complains that there have been car summits in the Chancellery in view of the pandemic, but never children’s summits: “This decision is a disgrace for the coalition is also a disgrace for the Chancellor.”

What is certain is that the grand coalition began three years ago to deal with the issue of children’s rights in the form of a federal-state working group. In the end, they were close to an agreement, but only almost: The coalition had agreed on a corresponding passage that should have been inserted into the Basic Law. But the Greens and Left wanted even stronger formulations, even more opportunities for children to participate in decision-making. The Union was against it; it feared that families would be weakened in favor of the state.

“Historic opportunity” missed?

The “Action Alliance Children’s Rights”, in which the German Children’s Fund, the Child Protection Association, the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF and the German League for Children have joined forces, now speaks of a “historic opportunity” that has been wasted.

Opponents of the inclusion of children’s rights in the Basic Law, on the other hand, had always warned that if you write everything in there, it would become a hodgepodge of wishes and the Basic Law would be overloaded. And FDP-Christian Lindner says: “We also know – despite the failure of the Union – that there are children’s rights in the Basic Law. They result from the general basic rights of all people.” However, the Liberals are not declared opponents of a mention of children’s rights in the Basic Law, such as the AfD, for example.

Now the big question is whether the promise to anchor children’s rights in the Basic Law will end up in the coalition agreement of the next federal government. If not – despite all mutual allegations – a surprise agreement will be reached in the next few weeks.

Children’s rights do not make it into the Basic Law – blame

Kai Küstner, ARD Berlin, 8.6.2021 · 17:37


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