Children on the field – English club takes action against young speedsters – parents threatened to be banned from the stadium

As if Corona wasn’t causing enough trouble for the Premier League at the moment, another trend is currently causing discussion in England’s stadiums: Young speedsters in particular are increasingly pushing into the interior of the stadium. This is despite the fact that entering the so-called red zone amounts to breaking a taboo.

After all, the red zone plays an important role in keeping players, staff and fans as safe as possible, wrote Premier League club Leeds United on December 6th. This is all the more true in Corona times, where you only get access to the zone if you have tested negative immediately. Leeds has now announced in a press release that it will take tougher action against violations of the directive in the future.

“We will use a zero-tolerance method for those who enter the field and endanger the players, with football bans being imposed on all identified fans,” say the northerners.

The Premier League sixteenth continued: “Recent incidents have included young fans being sent onto the field. This will not be tolerated, whether before, during or after a game. ” In such cases, the parents or legal guardians of the kids concerned would be banned from playing for one year. It remains to be seen whether the new regime will bear fruit. If the parents of the fallible junior fans are not enthusiastic about football, not much should change in the motherland of football for the time being.


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