Children of Silentown will be released in early 2022

Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games and Luna2 Studio have joined forces to create the beautiful, hand-drawn, dark adventure Children of Silentown To be brought to PC and console in early 2022. Players can already immerse themselves in the unique and unsettling world by testing the free prologue on Steam.

Protagonist Lucy lives in a small village surrounded by a dark forest full of monsters. They and their friends are very afraid of these, even their dreams are unsafe. It’s not uncommon in Silentown for residents to suddenly disappear, but Lucy feels it’s time to investigate. She searches the village for clues, solves puzzles, meets lively characters and animals and grapples with a very mean cat. But one thing is very clear to Lucy: Never enter the forest!

Children of Silentown plays in a beautiful, hand-drawn 2D world with a dark and creepy flair. Lucy can solve puzzles in it by combining different objects with surprising results or playing mini-games with the other village children. Music also plays a big role and singing can help Lucy in difficult situations.

Main features:

  • Players scour Silentown for clues, but they are never allowed to enter the forest.
  • A unique, unsettling 2D style that goes perfectly with the mysterious and dark story.
  • Music plays an important role; if Lucy learns to sing, it can bail her out.
  • Combining items leads to surprising results.
  • Lots of quirky characters (and animals) for players to interact with. If you aren’t nice to them, they go away.
  • Mini games with other children from the village.
  • A very mean cat, eager to mess with Lucy at every opportunity.
  • Interesting, original puzzles.
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Children of Silentown will be released on Steam in 2022, where it can now also be added to the wishlist. The free prologue can already be played and has a 96% positive rating.

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