Children and cats – cuteness without limits! 25 photos

Cats are among the most common pets. If you have also thought about bringing a small feline into the house, but you are still in doubt because you have a small child and you are afraid for his safety and the relationship between the two, then take a look at the photos below to see how wonderfully cats get along with children!

“Wait a minute, let me help you fasten the buttons on your dress!”

When two people live in the same house for a long time, they gradually start to resemble each other. The same goes for cats and humans!

Who said cats can’t be good partners for a game of chess?

Lunch break is sacred in homes with children and cats!

“I’ll give you a kiss, then I’ll go play with the dolls!”

“You sit here next to me and tell me when you smell fish!”

“I’ll hold your hand to make sure you sleep well!”

“We’ll both sit here politely, to wait for lunch!”

Protective barrier of a hedge, fluffy and soft!

“Mom said we should both sit tight and wait for our portion of milk for lunch!”

“I’ll stay behind you, so you don’t feel the cold air!”

That moment when all words are superfluous!

“I was given the task of keeping the blanket tight, as long as the little one sleeps!”

“And now, we’re both looking ahead because we’re going to be photographed! I hope we have a successful picture!”

Little girls and cats are the ideal combination of delicacy and femininity!

How much joy a cat can create for a child who is just starting to discover the world!

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It’s pretty clear from this picture who has been living in this house for the longest time!

Sometimes such images need no description

Together, and in the rain, and in the wind!

“We will try to draw this world…”

“Trust me, I’ll always be by your side!”

“I just want to say something in your ear!”

The little ones must sleep together!

“The true friend shows itself when you need it!”

“… and so every morning!”

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