Child Elon Musk wants different last name to ‘not be connected to biological father’ | entertainment

The request for the name change was also about the first name of the eighteen-year-old, who is transgender and therefore now wants to be called Vivian. In the petition, she describes the reasons for her request for a new first and last name as her gender identity and “the fact that I no longer want to be connected in any way with my biological father.”

While it’s not clear what went wrong between Musk and his child, the Tesla founder came under fire in 2020 for two tweets in which he endorsed trans people but found the changing pronouns “an aesthetic nightmare.”

Vivian is the daughter of Musk and Justine Wilson, and wants to use her mother’s last name from now on. Musk and Wilson had six children together. Their oldest son Nevada died in 2002 when he was ten weeks old. In 2004 Vivian and her twin brother Griffin, triplets Kai, Saxon, and Damian followed two years later. Musk also has two younger children with singer Grimes.



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