ESPN Argentinean journalists have noticed that Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini used the curse word before England midfielder Bukayo Saka hit on penalties in the 2020 UEFA European Championship final.

According to the source, the Italian spoke the South American word “Kirikocho”, which in local football circles means “curse” or “evil eye”. Recall that Saka shot into the corner of the goal, but goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma took his attempt, parrying the ball.

Chiellini answered the corresponding question from the journalist as follows: «I confirm everything to you. Kirikocho!»

Note that the football history associated with this word stretches back to 1980 and is associated with a devoted fan of Estudiantes. The team’s coaching staff at one point noticed that players are often injured in open training sessions, when a fan nicknamed Kirikocho is present in the stands. Then, on behalf of the superstitious coach, it was decided to send him to meet the teams coming to La Plata. In this case, the guests always faced setbacks.

Since then, players have often used the “curse” in their arsenal. For example, Norway’s Erling Holland of Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla goalkeeper Yassin Bunu exchanged cheers during the Champions League match in March.

Recall that 36-year-old Chiellini became the oldest captain in the history of the Euro finals.

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