Chevrolet advises against parking the Bolt in an indoor parking lot

“Spontaneous” fires of electric vehicles remain rare events, but they affect all brands. And most of the time, it is a real headache for firefighters who must control the fire, the fault of lithium which, in contact with air, behaves very flammable. Five recent and unexplained Chevrolet Bolt fires in the United States have led the brand to take a radical decision: to advise its customers not to store their Bolts in an enclosed area, and to monitor the load, including at night.

As a precaution, we ask owners of 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles who were part of this recall to park their vehicles outside immediately after charging and not to leave their vehicles on charge overnight while we are investigating. on these incidents. Affected customers who were not involved in this recall should still bring (their vehicle) to their dealership.“, specifies General Motors, which has already recalled 69,000 Bolts.

The risk of fire from an electric vehicle, especially in the event of an impact, has led some brands to directly train firefighters, who usually have to completely immerse the car in water.

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