Cherchesov at CSKA. Where is it from?

The devastation is not in the closets, but in the heads.

Suddenly, the rumor about the arrival of Stanislav Cherchesov at CSKA flared up and, it seems, has already died out. Such rumors, of course, initially looked strange, since the critical, let’s say, attitude towards this figure on the part of Yevgeny Giner is not a big secret. But the army team now has enough oddities, because – one more, one less – and this could well be allowed. But after the sobering remark of Maxim Oreshkin, in whom the initiative of this alliance was suspected, the topic seems to have come to naught.

Nevertheless, the plot is still curious – and sufficient as a reason for conversation. Where did this unexpected rumor come from? Why did the rumor send Cherchesov to CSKA? In the army camp, it is possible that they will again blame everything on the intrigues of enemies: in some red-blue circles, this is now a duty explanation for any adversity – from an unassigned penalty kick to an appointed coach. In fact, no one is to blame except CSKA itself.

Alexey Berezutsky and Stanislav Cherchesov / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song

Have you counted how many officials of the army club have already publicly expressed their full confidence in Alexei Berezutsky? It seems four.

First, CEO Roman Babaev, this is at the time of appointment: “We believe that Alexei will succeed, and we are not looking for a head coach.”

Then the director of public relations and information policy Sergei Aksyonov, this is when the conversation started about a possible meeting of the club representatives with the former Everton coach Mark Silva: “CSKA does not negotiate with him and fully trusts Alexei Berezutsky.”

Further, President Yevgeny Giner, this is when he was asked if any other candidates were considered after Olic’s resignation: “We did not consider other candidates. Alexei was considered before, but decided to try Ivica first. Did not work out. Therefore, Alexey is the coach of the team today “.

And finally, the chairman of the board of directors Maxim Oreshkin, this is just yesterday, when Cherchesov appeared on the agenda: “Tomorrow Alexei Berezutsky will play his first match in Moscow on Peschanka as the head coach of football CSKA. He has all the qualities to become a great coach. Let’s wish him the best of luck and support him! Our club needs stability. Not only financial, but also sports! “

Maxim Oreshkin / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Alexey Maishev

Agree, the cannonade is impressive. And all this in a month. If you add up all the speeches made in someone’s favor by the club generals, in today’s Russian football there is no more prosperous figure than Alexei Berezutsky. But only this is the thing: all these akathists sung together are on only one side of the scale. And on the other there are only two letters: and. about. Which cup, in your opinion, outweighs? What do you believe more – words or deeds?

Today the head coach works in any club of the Premier League – and only in CSKA he fulfills his duties. The club will not have to convince anyone of anything, it has only to remove these two letters from the post. But it doesn’t. Why? From that very desire to support?

Why is Berezutsky today the only one in the RPL who does not have his own headquarters? The emphasis is on the word “our”. Of course, he has a set of assistants, but these are not the people whom Alexey himself brought.

Why was his closest assistant, Grigory Babayan, chosen not by the coach, but by the club? There is a suspicion that until the moment Olic left, Berezutsky took over the business, and Babayan arrived – all these events fit into a couple of days – the latter two did not know each other at all. Is this appointment of an assistant also a sign of special trust?

Why did Rolan Gusev refuse to join CSKA? Apparently, this is the man that Berezutsky wanted to see in his headquarters. But he – with all his love for army colors and with a higher salary, as they said, compared to the RFU – preferred to stay in the youth team. Why? Is it because he believes just these letters – “and. about.” – and, looking at them, realizes all the fragility of the project?

Evgeny Giner / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov

So today’s CSKA itself is doing everything so that incredible nonsense swarms around it. The nature of any absurdity is an internal disorder, and not someone’s intrigues from the outside. We have not noticed: the devastation begins in the heads.

PS A few hours after the publication of the text, CSKA announced that Aleksey Berezutsky got rid of the prefix “acting”.


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