Checo Pérez’s wife looks fabulous in a suit 1 month after giving birth

Sergio Perezbetter known as “Checo Perez”It’s one of the pilots most famous of the Formula 1. But his fame and motivation does not come alone, but goes hand in hand with his wife Carola Martinez. The original of Guadalajara she is not used to media attention, but despite this she shows her good stylejust like the lasts beige that she wore recently, just 1 month after giving birth.

Carola Martinez is the life partner of pilot most famous of Mexico. The couple announced their relationship in 2017 and married in 2018.

They currently have 3 children together. Sergio Jr, who was born in 2017; little Carlota who came into the world 3 years ago; and, the most recent of them, who was born just a month ago, to be exact on May 15 and who is named Emiliano.

Despite giving birth just a few weeks ago, Carola Martinez has recovered her slender figure, sharing in the stories of her Instagram account Instagram a photograph in the company of friends, where she wore a look simple that made her look fabulous. Their outfit consisted of a traje oversizedconsisting of a beige jacket and skirt, in conjunction with high-top tennis shoes of a similar color, in addition to wearing her hair down.

Photo: Instagram @ carolamtz1

It is style es trend for a couple of years and to date it has been maintained, as you can find it in different textures and colors, without forgetting its most important attraction, large shoulder pads and fluid sizes that provide dynamism.

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Oversized suits in trend, such as the one used by the wife of “Checo Pérez”

Los trajes oversized They provide dynamism and texture. They are ideal to wear to different events, whether casual or formal, and even to wear on a work day at the office.

Among the designs that will reign this season are the Sixties prints, which consist of garments with an optical pattern throughout the fabric; the monocolor, that is to say to wear the lasts completely of the same tone, as in the case of Carola Martinez; or the polka dot one which, as its name suggests, is a pattern of dots that runs along the outfit.

Whether you choose a lasts with skirt, shorts or pants, all will make you look fabulous. But do not forget to add accessories to further highlight your figure, such as belts or chains at the waist.

Another advantage is that this outfit it is very easy to get. You will find it from luxury brands or in fast fashion stores, so it is ideal for all budgets.

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Of course the look would not be complete without the shoes, because this style It is so versatile that you can wear it with moccasins, heels, flats or even more simple and comfortable, with tennis, as the wife of “Checo Pérez”.

If you want something similar to the one you used Carola Martinez We leave you this option belonging to the famous brand founded in 1966, Vanswhich provide a style relaxed and casual.
Foto: KicksCrew

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Do not hesitate to take advantage of this lookWell, it will make you look fabulous.

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