Checo Pérez celebrated with Aston Martin; Vettel congratulated him in Spanish, “Merry Christmas”

Checo happily ‘reunited’ with his former teammates and Vettel

The Mexican Sergio Checo Pérez celebrated his first victory in the colors of Red Bull by winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prixn, but his celebration was not limited only to the members of his team, since when he got out of the car he had a second team that celebrated it.

Checo Pérez arrived at Parc Fermé to celebrate his first victory of the year and second in F1, and After hugging and celebrating with his mechanics, the man from Guadalajara moved a few more meters to go with Aston Marti’s mechanicsn, who worked until a few months ago with the man from Guadalajara in the defunct Racing Point team. Despite the rivalry that exists between organizations, Pérez did not forget his former teammates, who were also there to celebrate the second position of Sebastián Vettel, who, by the way, was the pilot that Aston Martin hired to replace the Mexican.

At the end of the race, Vettel sent a personal congratulation to Checo Pérez on the radio.

“Congratulations or Merry Christmas to Checo”, that in Spanish to add in English: “I am happy for him and his victory.”

After the hugs, Checo was intercepted by Vettel himself, who congratulated him on this triumph in which he was his team and with which he was crowned one of the best in history by winning four consecutive titles.

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This was also the first podium for ‘Seb’ with the Anglo-Canadian team, which added its first podium of the year and has seen the German take the lead over Lance Stroll.

By the way, Sebastian Vettel’s last podium in F1 before this was in Turkey 2020, which he also shared with Checo Pérez; on that occasion the Mexican finished second and the German third with a superb victory by Lewis Hamilton.

Curious: it was a mistake for Hamilton Max Verstappen’s problem with his Red Bull, which opened the way for Vettel and Aston Martin to the podium in Baku.


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