Check the difference in minimum wage…  “Enough grounds for impression” vs. “Excessive claims”

Check the difference in minimum wage… “Enough grounds for impression” vs. “Excessive claims”

At the second meeting of the Minimum Wage Committee (the most senior committee) to deliberate on the minimum wage for next year, the workers and employers members confirmed the difference in their views on the minimum wage. The labor world argued for an increase based on the recently disclosed ‘actual cost of living for unmarried single workers’, but the management world countered that the labor world’s demand for an increase was excessive.

On the 25th, the second plenary meeting was held at the Sejong Government Complex by the Choi Im-wi, an organization that deliberates and decides on the minimum wage. On this day, which was held after about 3 weeks since the first meeting on the 2nd, the labor and management members exchanged opinions on next year’s minimum wage based on the analysis data of ‘actual living expenses for unmarried single workers’.

According to a report on the actual cost of living for unmarried single workers prepared by the Korean Statistical Society, the average monthly actual cost of living for unmarried workers living alone last year was 2,411,320 won, up 9.3% from the previous year (2,205,432 won). This is close to the minimum wage of 12,000 won and the monthly wage of 2.58 million won, which are demanded by the labor community.

The labor world emphasized the necessity of raising the minimum wage based on the average monthly cost of living. Park Hee-eun, vice chairman of the National Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions, said, “This year’s minimum wage is far less than the cost of living alone without marriage,” adding, “Considering soaring prices, there is sufficient grounds for a significant increase in the minimum wage next year.”

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Secretary General of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions, Ryu Ki-seop, secretary of the labor committee, said, “Last year, the minimum wage was raised by 5.0%, which is lower than the rate of increase in the cost of living, and the real wage was cut by 4.3%.” there is,” he said.

“The solution to prevent bankruptcy of the low-income economy is to raise the minimum wage drastically,” he said.

▲ On the afternoon of the 25th, the 2nd plenary meeting is being held in the meeting room of the Minimum Wage Committee at the Government Complex Sejong, Sejong City. ⓒYonhap News

On the other hand, the business community refuted that the labor community’s demand for a minimum wage increase was excessive. Executive Director Ryu Ki-jeong of the Korea Employers Federation, executive director of the Employers Committee, said, “The 2.41 million won living expenses for unmarried single workers includes the consumption expenditure of high-income earners with a monthly income of 7 million to 8 million won.” pointed out

At the same time, Executive Director Ryu argued that it is necessary to apply a classification system that pays different minimum wages for each industry. Executive Director Ryu said, “It is reasonable to use the cost of living of low-wage workers, who are subject to the policy, for the minimum wage review.” he emphasized.

“The minimum wage is a problem for small businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises,” said Myeong-Ro Lee, head of the Human Resources Policy Headquarters of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business Administration, an employer committee member. “Inflation affects not only workers but also them. .

Meanwhile, on this day, labor and social civic groups demanded the Supreme Council to fully disclose the process of the plenary meeting for a transparent and fair deliberation of the minimum wage. The ‘Minimum Wage for All, 12,000 Won Movement Headquarters’ (Activity Headquarters) demanded full disclosure, saying, “The Minimum Wage Committee is an important social wage negotiation that determines the minimum wage for all citizens.” Vice Chairman Park Hee-eun officially delivered the request for disclosure to Park Joon-sik, chairman of the Minimum Wage Commission.



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