Cheap smart thermostat from Aqara is offered for sale

Aqara stands for relatively inexpensive smart home devices. Now the manufacturer has brought a relatively cheap smart radiator thermostat to the market.

The smart radiator thermostat E1 makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the radiator with time profiles and based on your presence and absence. The common smart home platforms Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit are supported, as well as the automation platform Ifttt. According to Aqara, compatibility with the new smart home standard Matter will be provided “soon” with a software update.

The manufacturer states that the smart radiator thermostat fits many radiator valves (screw connection: M30×1.5 mm) and also includes adapters (RA/RAV/RAVL) in the package.

The device is equipped with a large color screen, which is intended to ensure good readability with a wide viewing angle and high contrast. The thermostat’s battery is said to last up to a year – actual runtime will depend on how often the temperature is regulated.

Simple design and a wide range of functions: The new radiator thermostat E1 from Aqara

Smart radiator thermostat from Aqara needs a hub

With a retail price of around 57 euros, the Aqara radiator thermostat E1 is relatively inexpensive. For comparison: The smart thermostat from Tado* costs around 74 euros. Both the Tado products and the Aqara solution require a hub that connects to your WLAN and then takes control of the thermostats. While some of Tado’s features require an additional subscription (from €2.99 per month), Aqara’s products incur no subscription fees.

The Aqara radiator thermostat E1 is now available on Amazon for around 57 euros. The bridge costs about 56 euros on Amazon.

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