Cheap cars, auction: models auctioned from $ 275,000

The online auction is carried out by the Fiat finance company. It will include 15 lots that will have offers starting at $ 225,000. The details

Just hours after closing, Fiat’s finance company is auctioning 15 collateral recovery units on Friday, July 16, starting at 11 a.m.

There will be offers that start from $ 275,000, in vehicles that are not more than 4 years old. Some of the models are offered for half or less of their actual value.

It is about 15 units of pledge recovery (article 39) among which are different Fiat models, such as Argo, Cronos, Palio, Punto, Mobi, Fiorino and Toro, among others; some with relatively few kilometers.

The auction will be made through the Narvaezbid platform.

Some of the auction models

One of the offers is that of a 2018 Fiat Cronos Drive with a 1.3-liter engine has CNG equipment, and has 124,728 kilometers traveled. His current bid is $ 550,000.

Your current bid is $ 550,000

There is also a red 2018 Fiat Palio Attractive with 5 doors, for a starting value of $ 50,000. It has approximately 37,387 km and today the offer is already for $ 525,000. The vehicle, in good general condition, presents debts for $ 159,478, for patent and traffic violations.

This model has approximately 37,387 km

There is another Palio Attractive, also from 2018, with 34,509 kilometers, and with a current value of $ 500,000. Presents debts for one $ 350,000, in concept of patent and traffic violations

This Palio Attractive presents debts for one $ 350,000

Within the lots there is a Fiat Argo Drive 1.3, model 2018, with 47,133 kilometers. His current bid is $ 725,000. Presents debts for one $ 180,000, in concept of patent and traffic violations.

The current offer for this Fiat Argo is $ 725,000

In addition, there are four utility vehicles with patent debts and infringements: Fiat Fiorino 2017 (from $ 350,000), Fiat Fiorino 2018 ($ 425,000) Doblo Cargo 2017 ($ 375,000) and Toro Freedom 4×4 2019 pickup ($ 2,075,000).

All the vehicles in this auction are located in a sector of the Carrefour parking lot in the town of San Fernando, Greater Buenos Aires. Those interested in seeing them can send an email to [email protected] or call the phones 11 2150-5850 or 114742-5850.

How to participate in the auctions

In order to participate in the auction, the interested party has to enter the Narvaezbid platform and create a user.

Subsequently, the expenses and conditions will be sent by mail so that you can carry out the online offer. The procedure is free.

Next, you need to make a deposit as a guarantee of the offer. In the case of cars, it is approximately $ 40,000.

Once the auction is over, the house will refund 100% of the surety insurance. This will happen in all cases, whether winning or not.


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