Chavo del 8: it was the day Michael Jackson appeared in an episode and no one noticed

For a fanatic -or a fanatic- with all the letters of “The Guy of 8”, there is probably no detail that goes unnoticed or overlooked either. As for example happens with fans of “The Simpsons” (to give just one example), it is enough to mention an isolated situation, a phrase or a reaction for these people to remember exactly the episode in question, how it begins and how to conclude.

And the truth is that the adventures and antics of Chavo, Quico, La Chilindrina and the adults who lived in La Vecindad are memorable and unforgettable. Not for nothing, and although it was released in the 70s, “The Guy of 8” It is one of the most successful shows on Mexican TV. However, there is a situation that perhaps not even the biggest fan of the Chespirito program remembers exactly: the episode in which the King of Pop, Michael Jackson it sounded on the show. And do you remember?



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