Chávez you are the people

Chávez you are the people

Chávez is no longer me! Chávez is a people! Chávez we are millions, you are also Chávez Venezuelan woman, you are also Chávez young Venezuelan, you are also Chávez Venezuelan child, you are also Chávez Venezuelan soldier, you are also Chávez fisherman, farmer, peasant, merchant, because Chávez is not me, Chávez is a people!

These were the words that Commander Hugo Chávez pronounced in his activities with the people to highlight the responsibility we have to continue defending our homeland from internal and external enemies, which since the beginning of the revolution have tried to hinder the establishment of socialism, which seeks social justice and equality for all.

It is already 10 years since that March 5, 2013, when Chávez said goodbye physically, but his voice, his legacy, his thought are still more valid than ever.

Chávez is considered one of the most transcendental and controversial figures of the beginning of the century in Latin America for his revolutionary thought, for his rebellion against the oppressors and for his love for his people.

Methodical and strategic, he not only left us the task of continuing to defend the revolution, but also gave us all the indications, plans and projects to meet the objectives.

A visionary even in the darkest scenarios, he left in the hands of President Nicolás Maduro the mission of continuing with this process “because we have to ensure the march of the revolution”, a task that he has fully accomplished.

Chávez you were not wrong, now we have a homeland and you became millions of people, now you are the people.

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