ChatGPT comes to Amazfit smartwatches

ChatGPT comes to Amazfit smartwatches

It started on computers, then on mobiles, and now ChatGPT is coming to smartwatches. A personal AI on the wrist.

If you can’t live without the advice and guidance of ChatGPT, Now you will be able to always carry it with you in your hand. Amazfit announces that it has integrated CHatGPT in their Smart Watches.

The Chinese brand thus becomes the pioneer in integrating ChatGPT into a smartwatch. As reported GizchinaAmazfit has presented this weekend the new version of your operating system Zeep OSwhere he confirms this new feature.

ChatGPT it continues to conquer new territories, in an unstoppable advance that will soon take it to be everywhere. This generative artificial intelligence is a text-based chatbotso it will be interesting to see how Amazfit he has integrated it into a watch, where it is difficult to type.

This is how ChatGPT works on Amazfit watches

According to Gizchina, Amazfit’s proposal is going to be more like Bing with ChatGPT, instead of the traditional ChatGPT. I mean, it will be A search engineinstead of a chatbot to chat.

ChatGPT will answer questionsWe don’t know if through voice or typing, and it will offer its typical personalized responses. Questions like “What happened today?”, “What will the weather be like tomorrow?” or How is the traffic?”, are the typical questions that Amazfit expects.

In theory you can ask any kind of questions, but It is not intended to start a chat and chat with ChatGPTdue to the characteristics of the watch.

Amazfit hopes to offer more natural and personalized responsesthan what you get with a standard browser.

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We do not yet know when this update of Zepp OS with ChatGPT will reach the amazfit watches in Europe. But taking into account the rush that everyone is in to implement it before the competition, surely we will be able to enjoy it soon.

The arrival of ChatGPT to the amazfit watches opens the doors to the use of artificial intelligence conversational in the smartwatch. Surely Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung will soon do the same.

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