Chatbots, the new front desk in the reactivation of tourist services

Traveler confidence has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. Airlines, airports, hotels, tourist destinations and travel agencies continue to face the devastating impact of COVID-19.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the arrival of international tourists plummeted 83% during the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year. Mexico, for its part, registered a historical drop of 46% in the arrival of foreign travelers during 2020, reveal figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). And the outlook for the rest of this year remains uncertain.

Trials to try to break chains of contagion, quarantines imposed on travelers and, in some cases, the total closure of borders, have hampered the resumption of international travel. In addition, the arrival of vaccines and their application has been slower than expected, which has further delayed the restart of tourist services, says the UNWTO.

But as the reactivation of a greater number of tourist services and destinations progresses, this industry will require ensure your efforts to get your offer resumed efficiently and quickly.

Technology will be an imperative in the strategy. Because social distancing measures and health and hygiene protocols remain in force and strict, the provision of contactless services and investments in digital tools will be the route to recovery.

COVID-19 has forced numerous industries to rethink their operations. Tourism services is no exception. Turning towards the implementation of a conversational Artificial Intelligence chatbot offers a comprehensive ecosystem of innovation, efficiency and cost savings, explains NDS Cognitive Labs, a leading company in the development of digitalization and conversational artificial intelligence solutions.

Known for being fast and affordable, the implementation of these technologies is changing the world. For Gustavo Parés, CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs, chatbots are the spearhead of business growth. They allow you to dramatically scale customer service capabilities, increase conversations, and generate actionable data to improve results.

Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence can interact and guide potential customers in the tourism, hospitality and entertainment industry, whether in English or Spanish.

NDS Cognitive Labs integrates conversational artificial intelligence tools across websites, social media, WhatsApp, and more to provide a single point of care from which 24/7 connections can be provided to customers and travelers.

Integrations in messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are becoming more common and have the added benefit of providing consistent messages and collecting the necessary data to optimize their functionality.

Through chatbots, potential consumers are offered answers to simple questions, such as schedules, rates, reservations, packages and promotions, locations or address verification, and help with website navigation.

In this way, companies of any size involved in the tourism sector can benefit from connecting with customers at any time and helping them find products and make decisions, as well as improving their response, customer service and offers. This removes barriers to purchase and human talent can focus on empathizing and providing more sophisticated solutions to users and buyers.

Conversational artificial intelligence is within the reach of practically any objective, regardless of the stage in which the company or business is, points out the technological leader Gustavo Parés, and it will be essential in the reactivation of tourist services.

Companies that leverage conversational Artificial Intelligence across all their channels ensure that experiences are tailored to customer needs, meet expectations, and close sales. Approach technology leaders to find the right business solutions.

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