Charlotte Gainsbourg, based in New York: Radiant for her new life

When your name is Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, you have access to the most chic and unusual evenings, anywhere in the world. The proof with that which was organized on November 4 in Performance : the Brooklyn, New York facility hosted the “Paradiso: A Tribute to the Renaissance“, a performance “food“and”gastronomic“directed by Jennifer Rubell. An event co-hosted by Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of the prestigious W magazine, and the Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli.

Short white crochet dress and leather jacket: Charlotte Gainsbourg’s rock and romantic look has hit the mark once again. The actress is on all screens in France, since the release of Samba, with Omar Sy, but it is in the United States that we find her. She moved there with her partner, actor and director Yvan Attal, and their three children: Ben, 17, Alice, 12, and Joe, 3.

The Gainsbourg-Attal family did not leave for America on a whim. “We have been talking about it for six years“, she said in Madame Figaro. The ordeal she endured last December, the death of her sister Kate Barry, may have been an accelerator. “Every day reminds me of my sister, every moment of my life. I had no idea that I could orient everything around his memory“, she said for this same magazine.

In the Big Apple, she will be able to concentrate on the music: “I stop the films to advance as quickly as possible. I’m writing, we’ll see if it’s musical. I talk about my children, my sister, my family, what haunts me, childhood.” (Madame Figaro) Charlotte Gainsbourg will however still be on cinema screens in The Misunderstood by Asia Argento on November 26, and soon in Everything Will Be Fine the Wim Wenders.