New news arrives on the health conditions of Charlène of Monaco, operated for the third time under general anesthesia due to a serious ENT infection, which has not left her alone for months. The princess is far from her family, that is from her husband Albert of Monaco and her children, because she is in South Africa. Here she underwent surgery to try to resolve the situation. And now a novelty has emerged on the clinical status of the woman. And maybe you can really hope.

In the past few hours this had been reported by close sources: “Charlène is sick, very sick. She is very worn out and lost weight for all these months of illness. We hope that this latest intervention will allow them to achieve the desired results ”. A situation that does not seem to be resolved quickly. Obviously the hope is that it can recover in the next few days. Now, however, something seems to have changed positively, in fact other rumors refer to much better and reassuring information.

Now speaking is a new source, very close to Palazzo Grimaldi, who gave an interview to the magazine ‘Hola!’. All the subjects and in any case the rest of the world were waiting for further updates on the conditions of Charlène of Monaco and there were also those who feared the worst, after what had emerged a few hours ago. Instead the princess is struggling with all her might to get back on her feet and apparently the surgery has proved very useful and could have been decisive.

Charlène of Monaco Conditions of Operation

The insider said: “Princess Charlène of Monaco’s operation went very well.” Therefore, there would be no complications and most likely there will be no need to intervene in the operating room again. This intervention could have been decisive and after so many months, spent in absolute concern, the subjects could soon see her again at home. Prince Albert had been quite angry recently for some rumors circulated.

Albert of Monaco spoke thus of the situation regarding his wife Charlène of Monaco: “He did not leave Monaco by chance! She didn’t leave because she was mad at me or anyone else. We are an easy target. But this chatter hurts her and hurts me. It was only supposed to be a week, but she is still there because many medical complications have arisen after the infection ”.

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