Charging the rigs of Bebji for free in minutes, get 5000 intensity per day without lying

Where the Babji game is one of the famous and popular games at the level of the countries of the whole world, the download of this game from the stores of various devices between Android devices and iPhone devices has reached more than one billion players, and since the new version was released recently, the number of downloads has increased with the passage of time. time.

Free shipping of pubg mobile widgets

The pubg mobile game is one of the best and most famous Royal Battle games, and the company that produced the PUBG game allowed players to download the game for free through any type of device without any material cost, but the one who needs money is the game’s strengths, where in the game there are skins, weapons and clothes that need widgets To buy them, these wrenches must be shipped with money, and through this article we will present to you the method of shipping wrenches in Bebji with hands.

How to charge pubg mobile widgets in seconds

In order to be able to charge the widgets of the PUBG Mobile game easily with hands only through the official website, you must follow these steps carefully, which are:

  1. Enter the official website for charging PUBG Mobile tugs, which was announced by the game producing company
  2. Now select the PUBG game from among the rest of the games on the site.
  3. After opening the game field on the site, choose the country in which you live.
  4. You should also specify which currencies to use for the purchase.
  5. Register your iD in PUBG.
  6. Here, you have to choose the package of wedges that you want to purchase.
  7. Click on the purchase tab.
  8. Now go into the game and make sure the wrenches have arrived for you.
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Prices for shipping tugs in Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Each package differs in price and number of widgets from the other package, and the packages are:

  • 128 intensity = 5.7 SAR
  • 690 intensity = 37.5 SAR
  • 63 intensity = 10.60 pounds
  • 198 intensity = 48 pounds
  • 690 intensity = 160 pounds ج
  • 4000 intensities = 805 pounds
  • 8400 intensity = 1610 pounds ج
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