Continuous updates and strong additions to the Fortnite game during the recent period, through which it was able to attract millions of new users from all over the world, so that Fortnite has become one of the most powerful and popular electronic games on smartphones, the v18.20 update for the Battle Royale mode was recently launched, which added For the first time, a variety of multi-tasking weapons, along with a combat assault rifle and a combat submachine gun, and a number of high-rise tower stations were built through which projectiles aimed at the target are launched with high accuracy, but those towers are required to be taken advantage of.

Battle royale update from fortnite

In the new update of Fortnite, we see a number of diverse weapons that appear for the first time, which have strength in accuracy and shooting, between pistols and medium and long-range machine guns, as well as extensive improvements to the sound and light effects within the game environment and the map, with total changes being made. and significant on returns in Fortnite, as well as fixed some issues where players could not use the fishing rod while in the passenger seat of boats, and fixed an issue where private voice conversations could not be heard.

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Charging Fortnite balance after updating the Battle Royale.. and the new weapons in Fortnite
Charging Fortnite balance after updating the Battle Royale.. and the new weapons in Fortnite

free fortnite points

A number of new characters, poses and dances were also introduced, which requires charging the game balance and obtaining the necessary phebox to purchase such tasks and items, so that you can use them with ease in achieving your goals towards climbing to the front and winning the six medals, prizes, gifts and rewards, which can be achieved by By having an official account on the main game site epic games, choosing the electronic payment method to get what you want from V-BUCKS Rapidly.

You can also get the Battle Pass through the official website.

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