Charges filed against man who murdered two Puerto Rican women, one of them pregnant, in Pennsylvania

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office in Pennsylvania filed yesterday, Monday, first, second and third degree murder charges against Mamadou Kallie for the death of two women, one of them pregnant and the other the mother of his child, in events that occurred last Sunday night.

The complaint filed by detective Robert Balchunisfrom which The new day obtained a copy, maintains that Kallie, 23, murdered Tiara Rodriguez Diaz20 years old, Already Kimberly Ortiz Zayas21 years old and who was five months pregnant, after the vehicle they were traveling in was struck near Glencrest Road by the suspect.

The Chester County prosecutor’s office later confirmed, in another statement, that a 22-month-old boy who was in the vehicle in which Rodríguez Díaz and Ortiz Zayas died is the son that Kallie fathered with Rodríguez Díaz. The minor was found, in good health, in the custody of relatives of Kallie, who is believed to have removed her son from the vehicle after allegedly murdering both women.

On Rodríguez Díaz’s Facebook profile, he says that he is from Salinas. A relative of the woman who identified herself as Elizabeth Medina, she said in an interview with Philadelphia’s ABC 6 channel that she used to constantly travel to Puerto Rico.

Kallie faces two counts of first degree murder for the deaths of Rodríguez Díaz and Ortiz Zayas; another count of murder for the death of an unborn child; for endangering the life of a 22-month-old infant who was in the back of the vehicle; car jacking; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; possession and use of a firearm without proper license; Aggravated assault; simple aggression; stalking; threat; endanger the life of another person and flee from the authorities and the scene of a crime.

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Mamadou Kallie file provided by the Chester County District Attorney. (Supplied)

“These tragic murders of two women and an unborn child should anger the community. Gender-based violence continues to plague our communities and has consequences for many other people. We will do everything in our power to hold Mamadou Kallie to account for these premeditated and intentional killings,” Chester District Attorney Deborah Ryan said in a written statement.

Kallie will remain in custody after a judge denied her the right to be released on bail due to the seriousness of the charges she faces.

For his part, Valley Township Police Commissioner Glenn Eckman added, “The town experienced a grisly double murder over a long weekend when families and friends were supposed to enjoy the start of summer. Instead, two young women and an unborn child perished. It was a difficult scene to process, but I thank all the authorities involved for their cooperation in finding and arresting the suspect.”

A night of extreme violence

The complaint filed by Balchunis alleges that Coatesville police officers responded, at 9:21 pm Sunday, to a domestic dispute complaint between Rodriguez Diaz and Kallie while they were both visiting friends at a residence on Mount Pleasant Road.

The officers Christopher McCarthy, Felicia Deliggatti y Thomas Mack they met with both and Rodríguez Díaz indicated that nothing had happened. McCarthy added, in his report, that Kallie was wearing a black sweatshirt and a black cap with a pattern on it, and that he was agitated when police arrived and asked why they had come.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers reported that Kallie was next to Rodriguez Diaz’s Toyota Corolla and, after speaking with officers, she got into a black Ford Edge bus. With her license suspended, a friend of Kallie’s parked the vehicle. After the interviews were over, Rodríguez Díaz left in his vehicle and Kallie stayed on Mount Pleasant Highway.

Filing of charges for double murder in Pennsylvania by El Nuevo Día on Scribd

However, the Valley Township police received, at 9:57 pm, a call from a citizen who reported a traffic accident on Glencrest Road and who saw a black bus flee the scene.

Two minutes later, the Valley Township police station received another call from a citizen, this time reporting shots fired on the same road. The man stated that he heard nine shots after witnessing what he described as a road rage incident (road rage), and that he also heard screaming.

At 10:02 pm, Valley Township officers found the Toyota Corolla. Ortiz Zayas received multiple gunshot wounds and was found a short distance from the passenger door, while Rodríguez Díaz was removed from the driver’s seat and transported to a nearby hospital, where she died of multiple gunshot wounds.

During the investigation of the scene, detectives found bullet casings and a black cap next to Ortiz Zayas’s body. Officer McCarthy, who responded to the scene to provide support, noted that the occupied cap was the one Kallie had on during the domestic incident they attended to earlier in the evening.

Meanwhile, West Chester Police officers responded to a carjacking complaint reported at 10:45 pm in Bradford County. Eduardo Alpizar-Ortiz told authorities that a man stole her black Infiniti car at gunpoint. Six minutes later, police located the vehicle and launched a pursuit that ended nearly an hour later. After managing to stop the vehicle, Kallie got out of it, pointing a gun at her neck. However, officers were able to convince him to drop the weapon, a 9mm Taurus G2C pistol, and placed him under arrest.

Upon being arrested, officers noticed red stains on Kallie’s pants. Officers also found Kallie’s Ford Edge bus, which had sustained damage to the front passenger side, consistent with damage to Rodriguez Diaz’s vehicle.



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