Charcuterie manufacturers pinned down by 60 million consumers

Elise Denjean, edited by Solène Delinger

Since 2017, the magazine “60 million consumers” annually designates companies that stand out through questionable practices against consumers. In 2021, it is not one company but several that are in its sights: the pork-butchery manufacturers.


The meat industry must certainly cringe. The magazine 60 million consumers
indeed awarded them its “Golden Cactus”, a reward given to companies with questionable practices. 60 million consumers points to them for attacking the Yuka application, which revealed the immense amount of nitrite salts in the pork meats.

The profession “flouts the right to transparency”

The magazine accuses the Federation of cold meats for having attacked three times this year Yuka, the famous mobile application which deciphers the compositions of the products. The butchers, them, cry denigration. “The lobby of the industrial delicatessen tries to gag Yuka”, answers Julie Chapon, the founder of the application used by 15 million consumers in France, in 60 million consumers.

Nitrite salts are classified as probable carcinogens by the World Health Organization. This is too much for 60 million consumers. “The profession flouts the right to transparency, just like Red SFR, in a way, which continues to increase its prices,” Hervé Cabibbo, deputy editor of the magazine.

Leboncoin and Interflora in the prize list

In this list, we also find Leboncoin, whose customer service is unreachable, or Interflora, which ticks by default a box for an automatic subscription of flower delivery, which is not at all legal. What most of these practices have in common is that they persist. Many of the players mentioned have in fact already been singled out on several occasions.

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