The patients concerned have received a letter explaining that the consultations will no longer be reimbursed. In question, their doctor who refuses the vaccine against the Covid-19. (© La Presse de la Manche / Jean-Paul BARBIER)

“We must not take the problem upside down! », Assures Anne Besnier, secretary of the Order of Physicians. ” It’s because doctors do not want to be vaccinated against Covid 19, that they are therefore likely to be dangerous for their patients and therefore outlaw, and face an administrative suspension. “

While it is not easy to find an attending physician, several residents of Cotentin once again find themselves without a doctor. In question, the administrative suspension of unvaccinated practitioners.

0.1% of private general practitioners

With l’Vaccination obligation against Covid for caregivers, text published in decree number 2021-1059 and published on August 8, caregivers had until October 15 to justify a complete vaccination schedule or justify a medical contraindication or a certificate of recovery after contamination by Covid-19. Otherwise, caregivers practicing in private had to cease their activity.

A tolerance was, however, agreed until November 15. During this period, if the unvaccinated practitioner was practicing, a letter was sent to him to notify him of his administrative suspension. If he still practices today, it relates to illegal practice of medicine.

Anne Besnier

The practitioner then risks answer criminally for his actions. According to the figures given by theRegional health agency, they would be 0.1% (a little less than ten) of liberal general practitioners in Normandy to refuse vaccination despite this sanction.

No more reimbursement

A low number, but it still counts its consequences, especially for their patients. Certain people from Cherbourg in particular, have thus learned in a letter sent by social security, that their consultation and prescribed drugs would no longer be reimbursed.

I was not warned, I had heard that the doctor did not want to be vaccinated, but during my consultation on November 3, he did not specify anything to me.

A patient of the doctor in question

She learned from the media that he, like all other unvaccinated practitioners, should be suspended. Heavy consequences for her. “I no longer have a doctor, and thyroid problems require regular treatment!” », She is alarmed.

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Another of these patients received the same mail from social security, and is annoyed:

In consultation, we wear the mask, I am vaccinated, so I do not see where the danger is, and I find the sanction penalizing for the patients, and a bit of a shame!

Another patient

The order of physicians ensures for its part to work to convince practitioners to get back in the nails: “It is not us but the law that requires it, insists Anne Besnier. We have a responsibility to protect our patients, and refractories are a huge concern for us, the College of Physicians, too! “

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