The dollar soared yesterday in banks to its maximum in eight months when it exceeded 22 pesos in the midst of the uproar that unleashed the profile of Victoria Rodríguez Ceja, current Undersecretary of Expenditures of the Ministry of Finance, as governor of the Bank of Mexico.

In banking institutions such as Afirme, the greenback traded for sale at 22.10 pesos, in Santander it was at 22.03, at 22 at BanBajío and at Citibanamex at 22.08 pesos. In others such as BBVA the dollar was sold at 21.79, in Banorte at 21.75 pesos and at Banco Azteca at 21.39 units.

In the international wholesale currency market Forex, where investors are listed, the sale of the American currency reached 21.41 units against 21.18 at the last close.

The Mexican peso depreciated yesterday for the fifth consecutive time due to the advance of the dollar and an increase in the yields of Treasury bonds, after the publication of economic data in the United States, as well as the nomination of a new governor of the Bank of Mexico ( Banxico), reported the financial site

In the case of Banco de México (Banxico), the exchange rate to settle obligations denominated in United States dollars, payable in the Mexican Republic, was 21.43 units, while the FIX was 21.22.

As for exchange centers, where Juarenses obtain the dollars with which they go shopping in the neighboring country, the sale remained at 20.90 units yesterday.

However, Ricardo García Aguilar, president of the specialized section of exchange houses affiliated to Canaco, said that the price could reach 21 pesos with the shortage that persists due to an increase of 40 percent that occurred with the “ Black Friday ”.

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