chamberlains dance sexy to quinceañera, they go viral

One of the most anticipated events youths from Mexico and Latin America, is the feast of fifteen yearswhich marks a before and after in his life, leaving childhood to give way to adult life.

Likewise, one of the elements that cannot be missing in this type of celebration is the dances where the quinceañera is accompanied by chamberlains.

However, the choreography of these pieces has been changing over time.

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Chamberlains dance sexy to quinceañera, video goes viral

At least that’s how it can be seen in an account of TikTokwhere quickly went viral a video in which a visibly upset father tries to stop his daughter’s chamberlains, since they made a baile sexy for his daughter.

The bill @evolucioncero, was in charge of publicizing the clip that became trend in networks.

In the video you can see the quinceañera sitting in a chair, appreciating the dance that her chamberlains were doing around her.

Suddenly, the young people change the dance rhythmlooking more like a striptease than to a traditional dance of fifteen years.

Given this, the father of the fifteen-year-old was upset by the situation and tries to stop the dance, however, some partygoers stop him.

The video quickly went viral and so far has 1.8 million likes12 thousand comments, more than 32 thousand shares and 17.9 million views.

@evolucioncero Dad got angry #chambelanesEC #tiktok #MisxvAños ♬ BOMBÓN – Daddy Yankee & El Alfa & Lil Jon

Tiktokers react to viral video

As expected, this video turned quickly viraldividing opinions in its wake, since while some users consider that it is an armed video, some criticized this new way of dancing in some fifteen years.

“This is how I imagined my dad if they had danced for me”; “That looks like a bachelorette party”, “Her father gets angry, but she is very daring”; “I don’t think she’s real”; “We know that 15 years is unforgettable, but I better take him on a trip and I could furnish his bedroom, since it is a huge expense and not to see this”, are some of the comments that can be read in the comments section .

Annoying dad video is it acted?

Despite the reactions that this videoit is important to note that the user @volutionzerois part of a rental agency chambelanes for quinceañeras, which is located in Torreon, Coahuila.

In another video of TikTok, apparently it would be shown that the father is part of a performance for the chamberlain agency. In said material, the tiktoker commented:

“The images are with the permission of the parents, we clarify that it is part of the show and the father’s part was staged” ‘evolucioncero’, chambelanes rental agency

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