Chalureau affair: “He must say things”, Fabien Galthié and Emmanuel Macron evoke the controversy

Chalureau affair: “He must say things”, Fabien Galthié and Emmanuel Macron evoke the controversy

If we are to believe the exchanges between the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and coach Fabien Galthié, the second line of the team should speak this Monday evening at a press conference.

The Bastien Chalureau affair continues to make waves. So much so that the second line of the France team and the MHR should speak at a press conference this Monday, according to RMC. The subject was broached during a discussion between Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic , and coach Fabien Galthié, seized by the microphones. “Let him be himself, if he has to cry he must cry. He must say things”, slips Fabien Galthié.

“He has to go out tonight,” explains the coach of the Blues, indicating that the MHR player will speak to the media in the evening.

Summoned to replace Paul Willemse, injured, the second line of Montpellier was sentenced in 2020 by the Toulouse Criminal Court to a six-month suspended prison sentence for “acts of violence with the circumstance that these were committed due to the race or ethnicity of the victim”. Bastien Chalureau, 31, six selections, denies having uttered racist insults.

World rugby seizes the case

Earlier in the day, World Rugby had also commented on the controversy affecting the player. “Racism has no place in rugby,” World Rugby chief executive Alan Gilpin warned on Monday. “In France, there is a judicial principle, which is that of the presumption of innocence, which we must respect”, added the leader, insisting on the “values ​​of inclusion” carried by the four-day rugby of the opening of the World Cup.

Bastien Chalureau made “appeal, we must let justice be done and go to the end of this judicial decision, this is our position”, replied the president of the French Federation Florian Grill, during the opening press conference. of the Mondial-2023.

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“Let justice do its job”

“He categorically denies”, “we must let justice do its job, respecting the presumption of innocence, while recalling (…) that the values ​​of equality, fraternity, are not negotiable, and that there is obviously no place in sport as elsewhere for racist remarks or acts”, added the French Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

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