CGT Congress: what will become of Philippe Martinez after leaving the head of the union?

CGT Congress: what will become of Philippe Martinez after leaving the head of the union?

After eight years of good and loyal service as general secretary of the CGT, Philippe Martinez will leave the union at the end of this 53rd Congress which starts this Monday, March 27. Yet his time is not to retire.

A book that closes. The opening of the 53rd Congress of the CGT in Clermont-Ferrand this Monday, March 27 marks the departure of Philippe Martinezthe emblematic Secretary General who, after eight years of good and loyal service, did not wish to stand for a third term.

His succession is played out between two women: Marie Buisson, whom he supports and Céline Verzeletti, his challenger with the support of powerful federations. However, the hour is not with the retirement for Philippe Martinez (and nothing to do with the reform of the government).

Last Wednesday he said au Monde the following thing: “I will be old enough to take it, since I was born on April 1, 1961, but I miss quarters to be entitled to the full rate.”

Back to square one

To obtain these remaining quarters, the secretary general of the CGT has a ready-made plan: return to Renaulta company where he has spent his entire career, and more specifically taking over the management of the Technocentre in Guyancourt in the Yvelines for a period of “six to nine months” always according to The world.

After several years leading the fight, he joked during an interview broadcast on BFM TV this Sunday, March 19, saying that his employer would be “delighted” to find him.

To enjoy life

Once his last quarters acquired, Philippe Martinez affirmed to the Monde that he would join his associations and “enjoy life”.

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Above all, he intends to continue his fight alongside the CGT. Last Tuesday, on the set of TMC et as part of the show Dailyhe confirmed his commitment in a humorous tone: “I will always go marching in a demonstration, but more in front. I will be with everyone. It’s nice to be with the activists, because in front there are to the journalists who bother you.”

Presenter Yann Barthès even tried to tease him about the fact that he didn’t shed a single tear. He quickly dodged the question, “I have no reason to be sad. Life is good.”

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